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Sharper Image Gravity Z3 Target Blaster – 2020

The Gravity Z3 Target Blaster is a new take on an old game. MerchSource asked us to reimagine this skill game for their Sharper Image brand, bringing it in-language with their sci-fi themed line of toys. The combination of levitating ball targets and glowing knock-down board targets add an extra dimension to the game’s challenge. We expanded the product’s functionality by adding convenient ball target and gun storage features in the base station to keep everything organized between game sessions.

Blaster and Base Station Ideation

Several aesthetics were explored for the blaster. Rounds of sketches led us to a compact and easy to use blaster that pulls inspiration from fictional sci-fi weapons. The form was developed with foam dart storage and base-station storage in mind.

Base station ideation focused on finding the gesture that matched the sci-fi theme and floating target functionality we needed. We explored additional target systems and styles, along with storage solutions for the target balls and dart blaster.

Refined Design

Once overall form and functionality was nailed down, we moved on to detailed design, ergonomics, CMF, and branding. Handle shape and size was tailored to work well for kids’ smaller hands. Orange and white plastics were chosen to lend an exciting and futuristic sci-fi feel to the game, and bold grey graphics were chosen to make the branding feel technical and energetic.