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Sharper Image Flex Roller Modular Massager – 2021

We worked with the design team at Sharper Image to develop this simple yet versatile modular massage roller. Used before and after exercises to promote blood flow, relieve fatigue, relax muscles, and speed up recovery, the Massage Roller’s modular rollers and detachable handles adapt to provide many therapeutic benefits. Its compact size and contemporary materials and finishes ensure that it fits in an active lifestyle.

The primary handle features an ABS plastic core wrapped in a silky yet grippy elastomer silicone. The plastic core provides rigidity in the primary hand-hold locations and thins out in the middle to provide enough flex for movement. This flex is the key to delivering targeted pressure to body areas of various thicknesses, such as thighs and calves.

The first element of versatility comes from the system of quick-change rollers. The large EVA foam rollers are used to promote blood flow and relax muscle groups. Medium rollers provide broad ribs of firm TPSiV silicone for deep tissue massage. The smallest rollers are smooth ABS plastic with a tight curve for targeting specific muscle knots and problem areas. All roller and handle materials are formulated to be skin safe.

Further versatility is provided by quick release mechanisms in the roller handles. Pressing the orange release buttons detaches the roller pairs from the main U-shaped handle. This allows users to hold a single roller pair to target hard to reach areas, or hold a roller handle in each hand to simultaneously work both sides of larger muscle groups.

The modular elements of swappable roller types and detachable roller handles are key to making this one product versatile enough to provide the therapeutic benefits that usually require multiple products of different shapes and sizes.

We designed the roller handles in a T-shape with ergonomic profiles and surfacing to make sure they can be held comfortably while applying pressure in various positions and directions. The handles are contoured with three primary grip styles in mind, allowing the user to control best for pressure, angle, and rotation.

We are proud that this collaboration with the design team at Sharper Image met our goals, to develop a relatively simple product that is versatile enough to provide a broad range of therapeutic benefits, while staying compact and design-focused to fit into a contemporary fitness-oriented lifestyle.