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SCOUT Stroller Carrier – 2016

The SCOUT Stroller Carrier is a hitch-mounted rack for carrying jogging strollers. SCOUT works with any vehicle that has a trailer hitch, so parents no longer need large SUVs just to transport their strollers. This leaves valuable space inside the vehicle for passengers and cargo, and makes it easier to manage heavy and cumbersome strollers. The SCOUT’s design makes loading and unloading simple, without the need for parents to strain their backs while lifting a stroller up and into the hatch, trunk, or bed of a vehicle.

We assisted the founder of SCOUT with industrial design, mechanical engineering, branding, and production support. The design and development process required an intimate understanding of the needs of parents, considering how families transition in and out of vehicles in day to day life while managing young children, strollers, bags, and other daily carry items. SCOUT leverages the existing folding mechanics of the stroller to turn lifting and storing into a one-step motion with most of the weight supported by the SCOUT itself.

Brand Development

The branding exercise for this project was comprehensive, including all aspects of the company and product. The ethos of the brand is to remove friction from family mobility so that adventure can be spontaneous. This spirit of exploration was the inspiration for the name’ SCOUT’, a word that conjures imagery of curiosity and fresh paths into the unknown. The brand’s signature color is a slightly desaturated green that alludes to the outdoors, youthful energy, and forward progress, while also providing high-visibility for important touch-points on the product.