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Sharper Image Mini Stunt RC Duo

Flip Rover RC

This tiny yet powerful all terrain vehicle is two vehicles in one. Flip 180° to reveal the 2nd vehicle on the under-side and tear off in the opposite direction with the help of rubber all-terrain tires. Then, spin round and round at eye-watering speeds with the simple push of a button. Race your friends, complete obstacle courses, perfect for indoor homemade tracks, or off-road trails in the backyard. The Flip Rover is Off-Road Futuristic. The low-profile cockpit as well as the aggressive front and rear spoilers give it rugged off-world appeal. We designed bold graphics and placed LED lights to keep the vehicle’s direction of travel clear during intense maneuvers.


Terrain Roller

With the Terrain Roller it doesn’t matter if you take a tumble, this vehicle is designed to roll over and keep driving. The curved, rugged roll-cage means it will always land back on its wheels and never gets stuck. Roll it! Spin it! Get crazy with it! Changing direction rapidly from forward to reverse will initiate a roll at any time. We designed the shape of the roll cage and position of the wheels to ensure that the Terrain Roller can always gain traction when it tumbles. The controller features a Roll stunt button that quickly flicks the vehicle into a tumble, and a Demo stunt button auto-drives the Terrain Roller through a series of tumbling stunts.


A unified hardware design is used for remotes across all of Sharper Image’s RC toys. For the Mini Stunt Vehicles we applied color schemes and graphics that tied this universal controller to these unique vehicles.