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PUSHRS – 2017

PUSHRS is an exercise device that improves body alignment while doing pushup or plank exercises, alleviates pressure on wrists and prevents injury, all while better targeting specific muscle groups for a more effective workout.

This project was a comprehensive product development endevor, involving industrial design, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing support. We also assisted in brand development with identity, packaging design, and web design.

A primary engineering challenge in the development of PUSHRS was creating a form that is soft and compliant enough to be comfortable to use, but still robust enough to support the weight of the exercise. After several rounds of iterative prototyping we arrived at a design utilizing a co-molded rubber hand-hold area with flexible internal ribs connected to a rigid plastic core. This combination of materials and geometry forms a compliant padding that makes PUSHRS comfortable to use while retaining strength and structure where it matters.


The PUSHRS brand was created to be energetic and eye-catching while living comfortably in a public studio or home gym. It was important for the packaging strategy to give direct access to the touch-points of the product, and allow for direct assessment of how the design fits and conforms to the hand. We designed a package that lets the customer experience the top of PUSHRS without removing the packaging. This packaging also takes advantage of the stackability we designed into the product, so packaged products can be efficiently stacked for shipping, storage, and retail display. Bold photography and illustration clearly communicate the product’s uses and benefits at a glance.