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Line Cutterz –  2019

LineCutterz developed an innovative fishing product for quickly and safely cutting line. After the success of their first product, they approached us to help continue the innovation and grow their product line. We worked together to create a fishing tool incorporating their line-zipping design with high precision snippers. Consideration of harsh outdoor conditions informed our design choices for ergonomics and engineering.


Though diminutive in size, the list of design requirements for the new tool was anything but. Operation had to be simple and safe, and easy to perform with low dexterity from gloved or frigid hands. The form needed to be compact, easy to slide in and out of pockets, and have a bulletproof quick-lock mechanism.

With these criteria in mind, we explored several shapes and mechanical concepts with sketching. Refining these initial concepts, we developed several rounds of prototypes to test ergonomics and function. The final design has a fun and snappy sliding action.

Design For Manufacturing

Our engineering strategy produced a mechanically robust assembly. But it’s also user-serviceable, with a replaceable blade. The design had to balance these two factors while also being economic to manufacture.