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Lenovo Active Noise Canceling Headphones – 2018

Noise cancelling headphones have seen increasing market adoption, but the industry has focused on gamer and consumer sectors. In 2018, Lenovo approached us to help them design an solution for mobile professionals who needed a productivity tool they could be proud to use. In collaboration with the Lenovo Design Team, we developed a refined and business-friendly solution. The result embraces the Think language to balance professional with personal.

The Think design language elevates function through form. Lenovo’s professional brand facilitates productivity with clear affordances and efficient ergonomics. For laptops and desktops, this efficient form is typically rectilinear. But for a worn device, the complex contours of the body require adaptability. Our challenge was to accommodate a wide percentile of users with a design that was still stylistically Lenovo.

The hinge design we developed maintains a clean geometric aesthetic. The hinge and band are the same width, forming a rectangular visual element intersecting with a pure circle that houses the acoustic drivers. For an on-ear design, this shape is comfortable and functional. The hinge pivots in two directions for adaptability and easy flat storage. Balancing human factors, aesthetics, and function was our core challenge.