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iDig Stay – 2018

Some dogs are fetchers. Some dogs are diggers. iFetch aims to please, and asked us to design a new kind of product that would scratch the itch of those digging sorts of dogs. We developed the iDig from concept to production to entertain a natural instinct that’s discouraged more often than understood.

Digging behavior as seen by mere humans tends to inspire either confusion or frustration. Confusion when dogs dig for half an hour on their dog bed, or frustration when they dig for half a mile into the flower bed. We began the project with extensive observation and research. We didn’t try to understand why dogs dig, but we did try to understand how to make digging as fun and fruitful as possible. We started developing concepts for redirecting energy into a non-destructible and reusable toy that could be filled with treats to make it more fun than the neighbor’s petunias. Durable fabric was a natural analog for dirt, and having their favorite bone hidden in a pocket beneath several layers yields a surprising challenge with a delightful reward. To keep the game fresh, we designed a variety of reconfigurable layers that can also be easily washed in the washing machine.

iDig Go – 2018

To take the game on the road, we also designed iDig Go, an all-fabric version that can be folded up and stored for travel. It’s also great for space-saving dogs who own smaller homes.

Without iDig’s sturdy plastic base anchoring the dig zone, we had to devise a way to replicate the same experience without losing any functionality. This presented a design challenge solved with lots of prototypes, lots of sewing, and several very eager test subjects. Our solution uses the dog’s own weight to keep the dig zone grounded. For quick stowing, a flattened steel wire sewn into the perimeter allows for bending in only two directions that twists up to store at a quarter of its open size.


As part of the iFetch family of products, iDig Stay and iDig Go needed a branding and packaging solution to match. We created retail and direct-sales solutions for both versions that accentuate the uniqueness of these first-of-their-kind toys.