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Hungate Cases – 2015

The Hungate guitar case is an innovative hybrid instrument case that is as useful on the go as it is at a gig. Our client wanted to create a guitar transport solution that was lighter and more comfortable than a hard case, but also more protective and useful than a soft bag. As added functionality, it also serves as a guitar stand and equipment organizer during a performance. Our final design utilizes rigid EVA foam wrapped with ballistic nylon to form the structure of the case. A fleece-lined memory foam interior contours to the shape of the guitar to hold it securely in place. Integrated legs pivot out of a pocket in the back and lock into place. At a gig, the top-front half unzips and folds down flat, turning the case into a guitar stand with quick access to equipment.


The Hungate guitar case makes use of the empty space left around the neck of the guitar, turning it into storage for equipment and supplies. Modular pockets with their own foam padding and zipper closure attach to the inside of the case with velcro. These modules are large enough to hold tone pedals, tuners, cables, capos, and other equipment. They’re quickly removable from the case so they can be loaded and organized individually, and rapidly attach back for travel.


We developed the design of the Hungate Case through several rounds of physical prototyping that let us test fit, storage, usability, strength, and mobility. We worked directly with an experienced luggage manufacturer to produce prototypes using production methods and techniques, allowing us to validate our designs as optimized for their fabrication capabilities.


Just as companies such as Marshall, Gibson, and Fender were founded by inspired musicians creating products that help them in their craft, Eric Hungate was inspired to create this guitar case to help him transport his own collection of guitars to and from gigs. It felt fitting to establish the brand identity of this company on the musician at its heart. We developed a wordmark that feels comfortable next to the classic branding of the most popular instruments and equipment, but we added modern elements that speak to our innovations in functionality and material selection. Color schemes were developed for use on products, web content, and print materials.