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Go Hang It! –  2019

Accurately hanging a picture on the wall is a deceptively difficult task. Balancing a frame after it’s hung changes the lateral position. Different styles of mounts and frame widths make vertical positioning a guessing game. Go Hang It approached us to help address this confounding job.

We designed an compact all-in-one tool that works with any hanging hardware. It features a versatile nail-marking system and a built-in removable level to help hang pictures straight.


One of the problems of picture hanging is the variability in hanging hardware. For fixed mounting hardware, we developed magnetic keys with a pointed stud that temporarily attach to the back of the frame. Perfect placement is then a matter of positioning the frame on the wall and pressing to mark the correct location for a nail. For wire-mounted frames, we designed hooks to temporarily suspend the frame for correct placement.

We incorporated a sliding track to allow the Go Hang It to account for wide frames and low wires. We also placed the detachable level within easy reach. Our challenge was to accommodate all these hanging scenarios within an attractive, compact, and easy-to-manufacture form.


As icing on the cake, we designed a case to house a variety of mounting hardware. Taking the same silhouette as the Mounting Guide, the case mates conveniently to the back and incorporates a hanger for point-of-sale. The case has a living hinge and can be manufactured from a single tool. These additional efficiencies rendered additional packaging unnecessary, increased margins for Go Hang It, and improved the overall product experience for the customer.