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Division Zero M50 Gaming Mouse – 2016

For their first mouse, Das Keyboard sought to make a bold statement with broad ergonomic appeal. We approached this design challenge with a series of iterative physical models and ergonomic studies, arriving at an ambidextrous design that allows comfort and control across a variety of grip styles. The aluminum base plate plants the mouse to the desk and gives the housing a solid quality that’s missing in many other mice. To accommodate the needs of gamers, we placed real-time DPI adjustment switches on top of the M50 next to the ring-lit scroll wheel. Symmetric side macro buttons sit above a rubber polygonal camouflage grip pattern.

The mouse is a critical point of interaction between a gamer and their computer. We started the design process by sculpting blocks of foam into forms we could evaluate in-hand. Once a successful rough shape was identified, we developed detailed 3D geometry that applied our design concepts for features, part breakup, materials, finishes, and assembly. 3D-printed allowed us to evaluate and fine-tune proportions and placement of features like buttons, grips, and the scroll wheel. Once the industrial design was nailed down, we worked with the manufacturer to guide the product through engineering and functional prototyping.