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Discovery #Mindblown Circuit Space Station Galactic Experiment Set – 2021

Learn the principles behind electricity, circuitry, and engineering as you explore extraterrestrial worlds with the Circuit Space Station Galactic Experiment Set. Drill into asteroids and analyze their mineral compositions, launch rockets into orbit, and build spinning antennas to send your findings back to Earth, all with the power of electricity. Use the wires, battery compartments, connectors, and activity modules included with the set to build circuits and complete various tasks. Follow the instructions or design your own layout and circuits.

Propulsion worked with MerchSource to redesign their existing space circuitry playset and bring it in line with the new Discovery #MINDBLOWN design language. We crafted a space exploration story to tie the different activities together and make play more engaging. We also developed new activities to supplement that story and extend the set’s playability.

The brainstorming process involved playing and experimenting with the existing circuitry playset while researching competing kits and toys in the product space. We focused on the development of new and updated themed components and modules through ideation sketches before moving into refined 2D and 3D design. We made sure that each module contributed to the space exploration narrative while demonstrating a wide range of electrical engineering principals. Poseable astronaut figurines serve as the main characters in each scenario, and can hold and interact with components to help solve the electrical puzzles. The minimal and clean, yet playful design of the Galactic Experiment Set gives it a premium aesthetic that elevates it above other educational electronics kits on the market.