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Dell XPS Tower – 2016

In 2015 we partnered with Dell to redesign their XPS family of desktops from the ground up. Dell’s XPS line of computers are their no-compromises offering for creative professionals and power users, and reach new heights of performance and design. Dell’s engineers developed a unique component architecture that allowed for more compact packaging and improved cooling without sacrificing performance or user serviceability.

Our task was to turn an engineering achievement into a premium product that could stand as a flagship for the brand. The new system architecture in the XPS 8910 gave us the opportunity to dedicate the rear of the computer to airflow with an iconic wrapping ventilation design, uninterrupted, from the side to the top of the chassis. In contrast, the front is quiet, clean, and user-focused.

The design of the XPS 8910 is centered around the user and their environment, unlocking their full potential for creativity, productivity, and entertainment.