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Census Counters –  2017

The Census Counter is a handheld digital counter capable of simultaneously tracking several sets of data. Its unique functionality and cloud-connected tracking is ideal for managing large venues and events, manufacturing environments, or anywhere complex and coordinated tabulation is critical. Data is synced and shared automatically in real-time and can be analyzed remotely. We helped design Census’ core device as well as the UI/UX of the on-device software.

Design to Manufacture

We brought the Census Counter from napkin sketch to customers’ hands. With a service and user experience conceptualized, Census came to us to develop the hardware component of the system. We developed several concepts and manufacturing directions, including housing preexisting devices. Ultimately, we determined the optimal combination of features, experience, and cost was best designed from the ground up. We worked directly with a supplier to refine the mechanical and electrical aspects, designed the logo and visual identity, packaging, and assembled and tested initial production units. 

 User Interface Design

The hardware and software of the Census Counter work in cohesive unison. As a phase of the design process, we conceptualized, wireframed, and created the visuals for the UI on the device. This design work also informed the design of the desktop experience that synchronizes data from multiple devices in the field.