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Alienware Design Language – 2013

In late 2011 we began working with Dell’s Alienware team to define the future of the brand’s product line with a new design identity. Through extensive research and experimentation we developed projections for trends in culture, technology, and emerging experiences in gaming. Once a technical foundation was set, we iterated designs that explored a range of aesthetic directions communicating core elements of the brand: power, sophistication, confidence, and aggression.

The resulting design language tells the story of advanced alien technology that had been left behind and repurposed to deliver the ultimate gaming advantage. Plated armor with broad chamfers and tight edges conveys strength, protection, and precision. Parting lines reveal RGB lighting features that respond contextually to events in-game.
The launch vehicle for this new design language was the M17x notebook, a flagship product that provides a portable gaming experience without compromising performance. After the M17x launch the entire Alienware product line was updated to adopt the new design direction, utilizing bent plate armor with iconic triad lighting, encapsulating a dark technological core. This material breakup strategy facilitates the airflow needed to cool the powerful system internals, and allows the language to scale across a product portfolio ranging from thin notebooks to full-size desktop systems.